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New case study! Resilient passive house renovation for Ken Soble Tower!
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April 27, 2021

New case study! Resilient passive house renovation for Ken Soble Tower!

From old to renovated!

Build in 1967 at 18 stories and 80,000 square feet, the Ken Soble Tower had been in a state of deterioration for some time as the oldest high-rise multi-residential building in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The  building had significant challenges including a deteriorating envelope, lack of insulation, inadequate ventilation, and lack of thermal controls.

The goal was to retrofit the building to achieve EnerPHit certification, a branch of the Passive House (PassivHaus) standard designed specifically for retrofits.

The building will provide a comfortable indoor climate for its occupants at the low-energy demand. At its peak, the total energy needed to heat or cool each unit will be equal to the energy needed to run 3 incandescent light bulbs (100 W).

Passive resilience to extreme conditions!

ERA Architects stated: “The building demonstrates passive resilience to extreme conditions: In case of failure of active systems, the building will stay warm in winter for up to two days (compared to 2 hours in a typical building) and below dangerous heat levels in summer for up to four days (compared to half a day in a typical building).”

And the key figures before and after renovation are amazing!

-Annual heating energy requirement: Before 250 kWh/m2 to 24.9 kWh/m2

-Annual cooling energy requirement: Before none to 1.9 kWh/m2

-Annual primary energy requirement: Before 650 kWh/m2 to 130 kWh/m2

-Airtightness: Before 5.41 ACH at 50Pa to 0.6 ACH at 50Pa

Image by ERA Architects.

Read more about this case study building (link here).

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