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Ventilation is a mediating factor, not a cause!
April 27, 2021

Ventilation is a mediating factor, not a cause!

Ventilation in buildings!

Ventilation is an important component of any building, even if achieved by opening windows (adventitious ventilation) or infiltration (unintentional ventilation). It is without a doubt recognized as an essential means of providing good indoor air quality. Today, it is usually achieved by specially designed mechanical systems.

When ventilation is used as a secondary and complementary measure for controlling exposures once other means have been exploited, we need to know the ventilation requirement that must be supplied in buildings when people are present.

What are the beliefs about ventilation?

More ventilation will always improve indoor air quality…?  X   Low ventilation rate always means poor air quality…?

It is simple to measure ventilation…?   X   Ventilation can be used as a metric predicting human response…?

Outdoor air and the air supplied indoors is clean…?   X   Ventilation systems are clean…?

The air indoors is fully mixed within the air volume…?

Mechanical ventilation is a mediating factor!

We need ventilation in buildings, and it must satisfy several different criteria. It must be reliable, flexible and well-functioning, adaptable, and responsive to different needs and unusual events as we all have the right to good air.

“Under the principle of the human right to health, everyone has the right to breathe healthy indoor air.” (The Right to Healthy Air, WHO, 2000)

Ventilation is a mediating factor, not a cause (image from the article).

Excerpt from “What we know and should know about ventilation” by Pawel Wargocki, published at the REHVA Journal 2/2021.

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