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Privacy Policy

The information within this Privacy Policy may be altered without notice. This Privacy Policy is accessible for all who visits Swegon Air Academy web site and all visitors are assumed to have read this policy.

Swegon Air Academy website

The main purpose of the website run by Swegon AB is to inform visitors about brand news, planned seminars and to provide easy access to relevant documentation.

Visitors are not required to register when viewing the site nor is this necessary for downloading information. However, in order to access the complete range of features offered by the site, visitors can register for free membership. We respect each site visitor’s right to personal privacy and only request details required for correspondence purposes.

What information is required and why?
Swegon Air Academy will only gather information about a visitor that has been supplied voluntarily. This information will then be used for correspondence purposes regarding new items on the website.

We will use information supplied by visitors to help us improve our website and our products. We will also compile statistics regarding visits to the site, though it will not be possible for us to identify individual users. The statistics will be used to improve the content of the site.

Who can access the information?
All information gathered via the Swegon Air Academy website is for our sole use and will not be disclosed to any third party.


The Swegon Air Academy website uses cookies to give visitors access to special functions, and to confirm that they have logged in correctly.

A browser can be set to refuse cookies automatically or to alert that a web site uses cookies. The Swegon Air Academy website can be used without cookies, but this will limit the number of available functions. To ensure smooth running of the site we recommend that the ‘session cookies’ function be enabled.

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Further information

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. Swegon AB, Box 300, SE-535 23 Kvänum, Sweden; Phone +46 (0) 512 32 200; email us via Contact Form.