HISTORY of Ventilation Technology

From a Western perspective


One of the primary goals of Swegon Air Academy is to share knowledge about ventilation and indoor climate in buildings and explain how the two are interconnected and where best to start than in Ancient Greece, where it all began? History and knowledge form essential parts of our lives and this book provides a short but comprehensive source for learning.

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Most information about the history of ventilation is spread over a wide range of publications and other sources. Our challenge was to gather a sufficiently broad amount of key knowledge on the subject and make it available in a simple pocket guide book.

The book is divided into five sectoins: 

  • Foreword
  • Ventilation technology
  • Historical timeline
  • Want to know more?
  • Epilogue
An overview is provided of how ventilation has always been a part of the building process and how the methods to provide suitable ventilation have advanced alongside the developments in building techniques. The ventilation solutions now available are directly related to the way in which we design and build, as well as to the demands we make on the indoor climate.
Daniel Olsson, author of the book HISTORY of Ventilation Technology

Author: Daniel Olsson

Publisher: Swegon Air Academy

Price: € 5 (for paper edition), € 0 (free in PDF-format)

Language: English, Swedish

Published in 2017

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The following historical overview is a contribution worth considering to the understanding of the fact that ever-continuing developments of both building techniques and methods of ventilation are really important.

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HISTORY of Ventilation Technology_cover.jpg