Simply EPBD

A quick guide to energy efficiency in buildings


A quick guide to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, written in an intelligible way. Real estate owners and all persons who want to know more about the authorities' demands and expectations in the energy field will find this book extremely helpful.

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It was already realised when the Energy Directive came into force that the implementation schedule would be difficult to keep. It has also been seen that a great number of countries have been forced to use all available methods and excuses to postpone introduction. The countries mentioned in this book are: Sweden, Denmark, UK, Czech Republic and Austria.

Topics include:

  • Why do we need the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive?
  • How many other directives are there?
  • To which types of buildings does the EPBD apply?
  • Energy certification of buildings
  • What are you allowed to do yourself?
  • How long have you got?
  • Who is in charge?
  • What happens if you don't comply?
  • The EPBD — More on the way


The main reason why the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) came about was because there was a pressing need for formal guidelines to convince us that we needed to manage energy in a more responsible way.
Conny Nilsson, co-author of the book Simply EPBD

Authors: Per-Erik Nilsson, Daniel Olsson, Anders Trüschel and Conny Nilsson

Publisher: Swegon Air Academy

Price: € 5 (for paper edition), € 0 (free in PDF-format)

Language: English, Swedish

Published in 2009

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When it comes to property owners who require energy certificates for their buildings, it is natural to ask what will happen if they do not complete the stipulated inspections and assessments within the time limits. This and other issues are discussed in the book.

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