Simply GREEN

A quick guide to energy and environmental assessment certifications of buildings


A quick guide to the international environmental classification schemes, written in an intelligible way. Target groups for this book are real estate owners and all persons who want to know more about the building certification systems. In total, the book describes thirteen certification systems of which four are only covered briefly. The authors suggest that this book can be used primarily for orientation purposes and as a basis for helping to decide which system to use.

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Content of the book

This book discusses six environmental and three purely energy-based certification systems along with briefly discussing four other certification systems:

  • British BREEAM Assessment Method
  • US LEED Rating System
  • German DGNB Certification System
  • Australian Green Star Rating System
  • Swedish Miljöbyggnad system
  • French HQE system
  • European Green Building Programme
  • Swiss Minergie Building Standard
  • German Passive House (Passivhaus) Standard
  • Japanese CASBEE assessment system
  • Indian IGBC rating system
  • US ENERGY STAR program
  • French Effinergie system

In this publication I am struck by the way a complex field is reduced to simple language and straightforward principles and facts. Too often building certification is mired by excessive technical description and construction jargon. In the spirit of knowledge sharing and technological exchange, Swegon Air Academy has served Europe's construction industry well by funding this simple GREEN guide to environmental and energy certification.
Brian Edwards, Professor Emeritus

Authors: Daniel Olsson, Catrin Heincke and Conny Nilsson

Publisher: Swegon Air Academy

Price:  € 5 (for paper edition), € 0 (free in PDF-format)

Language: English, Swedish

Published in 2012

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The assessment of buildings has seen considerable growth over the past decades. Certification has a big impact on how buildings are designed and engineered, how they are constructed and serviced, and how they are valued on completion.

The assessment of the buildings from an environmental and energy perspective can be a complex business. It brings together many key stakeholders such as architects, engineers, constructors, clients, representatives of building users and property valuers.


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Simply GREEN_cover.jpg