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Kaia Eichler

Kaia Eichler, Team Manager Sustainable Building, Energy Management, ÅF, Sweden

Kaia Eichler has worked for almost seven years with energy efficiency and environmental labelling systems of new buildings. Her main areas of specialization are building energy use, indoor climate, daylight, energy systems, façade optimization, life cycle cost analysis and coordination of environmental labelling systems of buildings.

As project manager her main tasks are to form energy and environmental requirements at early design stage in office and commercial buildings. Thereafter Kaia’s task is to follow-up during the whole building process that the requirements are fulfilled in order to achieve the common energy efficiency goal in the project.

Kaia works as Team Manager Sustainable Building, at the department of Energy Management at the Swedish technical consultancy company ÅF in Gothenburg. Kaia has a Master’s degree from Tallinn University of Technology in Civil Engineering, specializing in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning.

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