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Sascha Pohl

Product Manager Air Conditioners, Swegon, Germany

Sascha Pohl is working for about 21 years with technically demanding air conditioning technology. Since completed training for refrigeration engineer (master examination 2004) he worked in the installation, service and repair of refrigeration equipment. Through his work he gained 13 years practical experience in site management, site organization, project planning and communication with customers, suppliers and partners gather.

Since November 2007, he works as Product Manager at Swegon, as an interface between market and development. Since then include product-specific and general market analysis, product development according to market needs and conduct of test phases and launches of new products of my portfolio. Furthermore, sales and staff promotion care, public relations and conduct of training and presentation events for clients and colleagues.

In January 2015, he has successfully completed a 15-month ILS correspondence course “Product Management” with diploma. Here the focus was on planning, methods of analysis, coordination and control of all instruments in the marketing mix. Work closely with production, sales, market research, advertising agencies and trade partners were among the major fields of study.

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  • Germany Unterschleißheim , April 20, 2015
    Germany Stuttgart , April 20, 2015
    Germany Nürnberg , April 20, 2015
    Germany Nierstein , April 20, 2015
    Germany Neuss , April 20, 2015
    Germany Hannover , April 20, 2015
    Germany Berlin , April 20, 2015
    Germany Hamburg , April 20, 2015

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