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Cardealership in Red Deer, Alberta
March 23, 2021

Cardealership in Red Deer, Alberta

The Scott Subaru cardealership is the world’s first PH certified auto dealership. It includes a showroom and repair bays. The total floor area is 1,500 m2 and the outdoor design temperature is -29 Celsius. The project has two floors: one with showroom, reception, offices, service and drop-off area and second has double-height in most spaces but offers a number of offices for sales.

Located in Red Deer Alberta, this project has successfully certified in the city that has extremely high and low temperatures, as well as significant wind. The project in the challenging conditions was successfully finished the integrated design – a collaboration between architecture, mechanical engineering and passive house design.

The goal of the project was to the performance and respect for the environment. Garret Scott said: “Important statement to the industry and the country [flowing from the land of oil and gas].”

dl Shifting Gears: A Passive House Car Dealership in the Making (link here)

Presentation by A. Peel, 2018.

There were some design challenges such as the amount of window to wall ratio,  several overhead doors for cars and service, internal heat gains from car engines and equipment, etc. A separate car exhaust system was required due to the service for diesel cars.  And extra domestic hot water equipment and water demand were required due to the car wash load, etc.

Go to video, https://www.swegonairacademy.com/video/7540/ Video: Scott Subaru in Red Deer Alberta builds world’s most energy-efficient car showroom (external link here)

Take a tour with Garrett Scott of Scott Subaru in Red Deer, Alberta. At first blush, this sounds crazy ambitious. After all, what is a car showroom? Floor to ceiling windows, with giant doors opening and closing all day—pretty much the worst-case scenario for energy efficiency.

 World’s first ‘passive house’ car dealership coming to Red Deer (external link here)

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Rendering picture by Cover Architecture.