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October 21, 2015
Czech Republic

Elementary art school in Holice

The new school was built in 2014 in Holice, Czech Republic. The school is built in a passive house standard, and the expected savings are up to 60%. The building has a very compact shape and floor plan of 2,000 m2. And the costs of building it in a passive house standard were about the same as for a typical building!

For the design of the Elementary Art School in Holice was considered the essential starting points:

  • Significance of the building for the city in terms of society – an expression of the cultural policy
  • The urban importance of the building in connection with the revitalisation of public spaces
  • Contemporaneity proposal – implementation of a sustainable building design 
  • Sustainability of operations in the future and economy of operation – the building is designed in the passive house standard

dl Optimization of project Elementary Art School Holice by BIM (link here)

Master´s thesis by Jan Dolejs, 2018, CVUT Praha.

“Optimization of project Elementary Art School Holice by BIM” is dealing with the optimisation of vertical constructions in a project of a new building Elementary Art School Holice. In this process, it sets marginal conditions and evaluation criterions. The optimal variations are chosen based on them. During this process, the thesis introduces the benefits of using BIM (Building Information Modelling) for selecting the optimal option. The master thesis is in the Czech language.

Media press release for the Elementary Art School (link here)

Further description of this practical building can be found in the media press release in the Czech Language.