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Garfield Passive House in Williamstown
October 16, 2019
United States

Garfield Passive House in Williamstown

Garfield House Passive House Residence Hall in Williams College is located in Massachusetts, USA. The building of 1,500 m2 was completely remodelled in 2019. Garfield House is a 40-bed, suite-style residence hall and it offers students common space, a kitchen, and a billiard room. Construction materials include enhanced wood framing and structural insulated panel systems.

Designed to meet Passive House (PHIUS) standards, this project has a targeted EUI (Energy Use Intensity) of 28. To meet these rigorous standards of energy efficiency, the building relies on passive ventilation and phase change materials for cooling. These measures lead not only to energy savings but also 50-80% cost savings in operating energy costs.

Garfield House is designed to LEED Gold standards as well as a high-performance, wood-framed building using the “Passive House” design criteria and philosophy, which focus on a well-insulated, airtight outer shell, high-performance windows, and high-efficiency energy recovery. The roof is layered with insulation and is about 90 cm thick. The windows are all triple-paned, and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, the system works in the winter by recapturing the heat from the air before it is vented from the building.

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A presentation about Garfield and Wheaton Colleges buildings by J. Higginbottom, A. Steingiser and M. Pulaski. NAPHC 2018.

The building is originally from  1850 built as a residence hall. The project is considered as a deep energy retrofit and the aim was to integrate the building with the surrounding landscape. The window to wall ratio is 30% with exterior shading towards the south and triple glass windows with fibreglass. The mechanical heat recovery efficiency is 84%, and the ventilation unit is passive house certified. The main rooms have demand-controlled ventilated. Find more information about floorplans, phase change material study, ventilation analysis, cost analysis for Garfield and Wheaton Colleges buildings.

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