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June 18, 2014

Habitat Développement Local (HDL) in Besançon

Habitat Développement Local (HDL) is located in Besançon, France. The office building has an area of 2,036 m², and it was completed in 2008. The building was renovated into passive house level.

Download, How to reach less than 15 kWh/m² annual final energy use for HVAC in an office buildingHow to reach less than 15 kWh/m² annual final energy use for HVAC in an office building (link here)

Article by J-C Léonard and P Pedrocchi published in the REHVA Journal January 2012.

The activity of the HDL Company, located in Besançon (France), is to renovate buildings. HDL wanted to show its expertise in energy efficiency in the most credible possible way: by applying it to its new headquarters. In 2008, HDL refurbished an old school (2 036 m²) to establish its new offices. HDL wanted an exemplary operation: reach less than 15 kWh (final energy)/m².year for HVAC consumptions.

Download, Pascal ValladontHabitat Pascal Valladont (link here)

A presentation about Habitat Développement Local (HDL) in Besançon by Pascal Valladont from Swegon Air Academy seminar in France.

Swegon Air Academy webpage (link here)

Read more about the building and Pascal Valladont´s information about the renovation of a former school into offices. Pascal focused more on technical aspects of the renovation. To minimise energy consumption, the occupancy detectors were installed in all walkways and service areas, along with extra control of HVAC in meeting rooms. Distribution terminals are chilled beam modules operating at high temperatures in summer of 17°C and low temperature in winter of 35°C. The air is brought in through the rotary heat recovery unit (efficiency of 80%) with two fans with variable speed drive and coupled with air diffusers and chilled beams. The hygroscopic coating on the rotary heat exchangers enables latent recovery and humidifies new air in winter and dries it in the summer.

Images by Pascal Valladont