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Knivsta Center for Sports and Culture
November 13, 2020

Knivsta Center for Sports and Culture

CIK center for sports and culture in Knivsta, Sweden, is a combination of premises for both sports and culture in the same facility that creates conditions for meetings between many different people and interests. he facility, which is built on several floors, consists of two full-size sports halls (one of which has a grandstand capacity for approximately 300 people), martial arts room, performing arts room with room for about 400 seated, ice rink with room for 300 spectators, and common communication areas (café, kitchen, gym, storage room, office and conference rooms).

“A meeting place where Knivstaborna can gather in common and different interests, a facility where the ice hockey player on the way from training collides a little easier with the concert-goer who will listen to the evening’s string quartet.” This is how the architects Julia Hjortmyr Grabe and Dan Johansson sum up the CIK project – which has given them new insights into collaboration, wood construction and societal benefits. “The whole design idea is based on joining many different meeting places for sports and culture, where different parts of society touch each other.”

Norconsult has designed the facility, designed acoustics, AV technology, commercial kitchens, landscapes, accessibility and BIM-coordinated for the entire facility – which accommodates everything from martial arts and ice hockey to rock music, theatre and opera. The project has been characterized by a close collaboration between the client, contractor and Norconsult’s experts, where everyone’s interests have been weighed in to create an inclusive, modern and inviting facility.

CIK is a central and attractive new meeting place in Knivsta. CIK is the municipality’s largest construction project to date. The building was finished 2019/2020.

dl CIK Centrum för Idrott och Kultur (link here)

Presentation by Tommy Wesslund from IG Passivhus Sverige about CIK (in swedish language).

The facility is certified according to international passive house standards, which means that it is very energy-efficient, comfortable and quality-assured. Concrete is used for the meeting with the ground in the foundation and as a heavy acoustically insulating floor under the performing arts room. The wooden house is built on top of this and the spectacular roof trusses with long spans, especially in the ice rink, are made of wood with underlying steel tie rods. Exterior walls and ceilings are built with wood-based materials with a view to minimizing cold bridges.  Systems for air quality in the various parts of the facility are integrated with systems for recovering heat from the operation of the ice rink, sports and performing arts. CIK’s ice rink will probably be the world’s first passive house ice rink.

dl PRAKTIKFALL -Knivsta Centrum för Idrott och Kultur (link here)

Presentation by Carina Nordlander, Tomas Lindgren and Dan Johansson about case study CIK (in swedish language).

Presentation describes how a small municipality meets the need for facilities through flexible collaboration facilities for sports, leisure and culture, as the combination of premises for both sports and culture in the same facility creates conditions for meetings between many different people and interests. The discussion is about how do we design facilities where martial arts, music and ice rink sports are to coexist, the process and collaboration to get a collaboration house, and how to get together finances, technology and function in a facility that will become a passive house

www.centrumforidrottochkultur.knivsta.se.org (link here)

Find more information about this building, including some stunning pictures and design images.

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