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  • solar sail in la seine musicale

March 2, 2017

La Seine Musicale in Paris

The building “La Seine Musicale” is a combination of beautiful architecture and modern technology. This new cultural centre, commissioned by the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council and designed by architect Shigeru Ban, includes a large 6,000-seat modular concert hall with capacity for three shows a day, an auditorium with 1,100 places designed for classical music, a singing school, an orchestra in residence and recording studios. The goal: establish a new standard for music centres. And definitely do not forget all the technology that will be implemented in this building. On 7 December 2016, the solar sail was installed. After a series of static tests, the teams successfully carried out their first kinematic tests of the sail. At a height of 45m, this 200-tonne structure moves nearly 5 metres per minute.Shigeru Ban, the Japanese architect, and Jean de Gastines, his French partner have designed this amazing building. And the building was design to recal the site´s industrial past while “playing with the reflections” on the water. And it will for sure become “a symbol of the western Paris”. “The building recalls the image of a great ship”.