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October 8, 2014

Norwegian Opera and Ballet House in Oslo

The Norwegian Opera and Ballet House looks magnificent from outside to inside and it was designed and built using “whole building design approach” as follows: 1. reduce the demand for heating, cooling, electricity and ventilation, and 2. supply the necessary heating, cooling, electricity and ventilation in the most efficient way using renewables, and 3. always consider the impact on a whole-building level. The building is called a Snow Cap (Snøhetta), and it was completed in 2007, and more than 600 employees with more than 50 occupations come to work almost daily. The building has 38,500 m² with over 1 100 rooms divided into three main sections: audience, rehearsal rooms (largest one with the height of 9 m and 16 x 16 m floor area), and administration and workshops.

dl ECO-Culture – Demonstration and dissemination of ECO-concepts for high performing European cultural buildings (link here)

DCV, control strategies (BEMS and benchmarking) and building integrated PV system are the critical factors for high performance of the Norwegian Opera Ballet House in Oslo. After one year of adjustments and improvements, all the technologies have shown to work well. One significant result is that a good result requires testing and continuous work on improvements by the operators. This process is well documented, and it would be useful to continue this process of documentation. For this building demand-controlled ventilation has shown to be exceptionally well working and energy-efficient. The same technologies will be used further in schools and other cultural building.

dl Presentation about Oslo Opera House by Ida Bryn (link here)

Download presentation in PDF by Ida Bryn, Head of Department for energy, environment and security, Ph.D., Erichsen & Horgen AS, Norway.

Go to video, https://www.swegonairacademy.com/video/7540/ Swegon Air Academy video: “Oslo Opera House – Targets, solutions, challenges” (link here)

Watch the video with Ida Bryn presenting all about design and requirements for different types of areas for Oslo Opera House, ventilation challenges for supply air units and climate in the orchestra pit, the results from form monitoring and thermal comfort and facade design and energy efficiency.

Swegon Air Academy: Amazing building (link here)

Read more information in an article about building structure for the Oslo Opera House.

Swegon Air Academy: Building technical systems (link here)

And read the second article about building system in the Oslo Opera House (link here).

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