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June 29, 2021

Skeena Residence in Kelowna, British Columbia

A new student residence on their Okanagan university campus referred to as the Skeena Residence was designed in 2019 by Public Architecture + Communication And it was completed in 2020 and certified with passive house certification. The student residence has 220 rooms (1 bathroom per two rooms is shared) and it has a total treated area of 5,000 m2. Skeena’s design was driven largely by the programmatic requirements. The neighbouring student residence had a proven layout of two bedrooms separated by a shared bathroom.

The building structure consists of a concrete structure for the ground floor and conventional wood framing for the floors above. Located in climate zone 5 in Canada, the building has 350 mm of wall insulation in total and the installed effective U-value of the windows is 0.91 W/m²K.

The building’s semi-centralized ventilation system includes three air handling units with energy recovery ventilators (AHU with ERV) with sensible heat recovery temperature efficiency ranging from 84% to 86% based on -10°C supply air. The AHUs run continuously and are equipped with a bypass mode for when the outdoor temperature can be used for free cooling. The AHUs are equipped with a heating coil that provides top-up heating in the event that the rotary heat exchanger slows down to avoid freezing in cold weather conditions. The building is further equipped with heat pumps for heating/cooling and DHW.

dl Skeena Residence (link here)

Case study by www.zebx.org. February 2021.

To tackle the challenges that come with this goal, the development, design and construction team had to unite early in the design stage to ensure that the goals of the project were met.

www.rdh.com (link here)

Read more about the new student residence on their Okanagan campus referred to as the Skeena Residence. Where the design team has identified key challenges: managing the overheating risk, optimizing the cost, and addressing the lack of commercially available heat pump clothes dryers.

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Skeena Residence as a community asset – design influences, mechanical approach and further challenges.

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Images and story behind the unique project.

Image credit to www.zebx.org