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June 30, 2014

Stadsskogenskolan in Alingsås

Stadsskogenskolan is a daycare centrum located in Alingsås, Sweden, with the floor area of 3,300 m² and the building was completed in 2013. The project has achieved awards: Swedish Passive house and FEBY 12 Zero Energy House. The goals for Stadsskogenskolan in Alingsås were clearly defined as 1. must be built a sustainable building for life and learning, 2. energy-efficient building, and 3. the buildings must supply as much energy as they use; the house shall be zero-energy houses.

Stadsskogenskolan in Alingsås is the first certified zero energy house according to the criteria in FEBY12. This means that the school meets both the requirements for passive houses and, on the other hand, the energy system supplies at least as much energy as it uses. In this school, the roof has been fitted with 1 300 m2 of solar panels, Sweden’s most extensive solar cell roof. It also supplies to another building in the area.

With energy-efficient passive house technology, the Stadsskogenskolan in Alingsås comes down to an energy requirement that is as much as 50% lower than the requirements imposed on new buildings in Sweden.

Download, Alingsås – energiomställningens epicentrum Alingsås – energiomställningens epi centrum (link here)

Presentation from Anna-Karin Hatts about Stadsskogenskolan in Alingsås with details about passive house buildings in Sweden.

Download, Stadskogenskolan in AlingsasStadskogenskolan in Alingsas (link here)

Download document describing the school with important numbers regarding energy consumption.