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June 30, 2014

Trädgårdsstaden in Skövde

Nursery school Trädgårdsstaden in Skövde, Sweden, is a certified passive house with a floor area of 1,607 m². The nursery can accommodate 110 children and completed in May 2012.

Certification is performed by the Passive House Institute (PHI) and follows the directives set out in the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). The building is on two levels and is very compact. The design is made up of a steel structure and a light, timber batten system with cellulose insulation. Heating is using hydronic radiators from a district heating station. Other more energy-efficient methods could have been chosen, but a political decision on district heating was made as it was also to be used in the nearby residential area.

Download, Report on Tradgardsstaden in SkovdeTradgardsstaden RAPPORT Förskolan Trädgårdsstaden – Uppföljning första året i drift (link here)

Report by IG passivhus.

Ventilation is provided for by two mechanical ventilation units with rotary heat exchanger. One unit solely serves the kitchen, where extract air is recycled to the water circuit used in the preheating coils in both ventilation units. The second ventilation unit serves the remainder of the premises. Outdoor air to both units first passes four drill holes in the ground, where it is pre-heated in winter and cooled in summer. Initially, the building was ventilated around the clock and at full airflow to remove emissions from the new materials and new furniture.  Now the ventilation is demand-controlled using timers and sensors for occupancy, temperature and air quality. Monitoring shows that the estimated energy values also reflect reality.

Download, RAPPORT Förskolan Trädgårdsstaden - Uppföljning under 3 årRAPPORT Förskolan Trädgårdsstaden – Uppföljning under 3 år (link here)

Report by IG passivhus from 2012-2015.

Trädgårdsstaden shows a very positive result after the first 3 years of operation. It turns out that the heat demand now lies at calculated values. Hot water use is higher, as the number of children is next doubled, however, most of the hot water use in the kitchen. Purchased energy, according to BBR, is below 20 kWh / m2 year for a pre-school heated by district heating, that is about 20% of the new building requirements. The result is very positive, and this preschool probably the most energy-efficient in Sweden.

Download, Passive House Certified Day Care, Skövde, SwedenPassive House Certified Day Care, Skövde, Sweden (link here)

John Woollett´s visit to Trädgårdsstaden in Skövde.

“It’s a windy day, really windy and from an easterly direction which is unusual. The sun is blindingly bright, so when I met Björn Adler, HVAC expert from Skövde Borough Council’s technical services department, it’s challenging to have a decent conversation until we get inside the building and out of the elements.”