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December 14, 2015

Villa Moelven in Stockholm

Villa Moelven is a celebration of the raw materials from the forest in 2015. The building is constructed of 100% wood products and the aim is to show that a sustainable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient building can look good. The keywords for the design are labyrinthine, surprising and Nordic. Villa Moelven is a collaboration between Klas Holm Design and Widjedal Racki Architectural Studio where the aim is to create a showroom for wood. The open construction lets the house “breathe” – which creates an ideal living environment. The warm water demand gets covered by solar energy; in winter sun pedestals work together with terrestrial heating. This combination is very energy-efficient and is responsible for the low energy cost.

The development of modern foundations is something that has brought great benefits to house construction. The house rests on a brand new low-energy ground that reduces heat leakage by as much as 35% compared to the dominant solutions on the market. Villa Moelven also uses the sun to generate the entire hot water needs of the underfloor heating system, tap water and pool from April to September. The solar collectors also work in the winter, but then work fully integrated with a geothermal boiler. The combination creates an efficient and easy-to-manage solution with very low energy costs. Lighting is the most critical part of the decor! The design and characteristics of the luminaires are carefully selected to create the perfect experience. Extra exciting is the use of LEDs that have developed tremendously in recent years. LED now gives a beautiful light and has a very long life in combination with extremely low energy demand.

The result was an imaginatively-designed house that follows the topography of the site and is therefore built on an incredible 16 levels. Inside, the house has ten stairways, exposed glulam beams and a floor plan with many nooks and crannies that create a maze-like feeling.

“One reason that I wanted to build the house of wood was that it would feel as if it belonged to the place. And as though I had more or less taken the material from the site,” says Klas Holm, the owner.

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