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January 22, 2021
United Kingdom

Worcester School Sports and Drama Hall (Bartholomew Barn)

The Worcester School Sports and Drama Hall also known as “Bartholomew Barn” was completed in 2016 as the certified passive house & Saint-Gobain Multi-Comfort building with a floor area of 371 m2. The client was keen for Bartholomew Barn to fit in with the architectural character for the school’s rural setting, which includes a listed Georgian farmhouse but also an ‘eclectic’ mix of historic buildings, many of which are timber-framed.

Another factor in its favour is that it is thermally lightweight, meaning it will respond to temperature changes more quickly. This is important for a multi-purpose building that might need to be at 16°C for active sports uses, and then rapidly heated to 21°C for drama or a community event.

dl Worcester is the UK’S first ‘multi-comfort’ building (link here)

What is Saint-Gobain’s Multi-Comfort building? By John Christophers of Associated Architects. From PassiveHousePlus, 2018.

The protocol is based on the fabric-first approach of the passive house standard, with its emphasis on solar gain, a highly airtight and insulated building fabric, and high-quality ventilation. But it also adds factors like daylighting and acoustic comfort for a holistic approach focused on all-round occupant health and comfort. “What we like about the Multi-Comfort standard is that it recognises sustainability is a complex multi-faceted concept,” said John Christophers of Associated Architects. “Passive house as a standard is excellent on airtightness, thermal bridging, fabric-first etc., but says nothing about considerations such as acoustics, VOCs, daylighting etc., all of which are included in Multi-Comfort.”

dl Bartholomew Barn (link here)

Presentation by Mark Allen, 2017 about the case study Bartholomew Barn.

dl Saint-Gobain starts work on first ‘Multi-Comfort’ building (link here)

Introduction to Saint-Gobain´s Multi-Comfort Standards. From PassiveHousePlus, 2017.

www.passivehouseplus.ie (link here)

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www.saint-gobain.co.uk (link here)

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