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Archive for the ‘Case studies’ Category

February 22, 2017

La Seine Musicale: A solar sail on a building!

Solar sail in La Seine Musicale I am simply amazed! The building “La Seine Musicale” is a combination of beautiful architecture and modern technology. This new cultural centre, commissioned by the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council and designed by architect Shigeru Ban, includes a large 6,000-seat modular concert hall with capacity for three shows a day, an […]...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

January 4, 2017

Building Case Study Enterprise Norwich updated! Lighting for people, not space!

Lighting for people was the key design element for design team of the Enterprise Center Norwich, highly awarded passive house and BREEAM building in UK. And also one of Swegon…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

December 21, 2016

Enlightened thinking for BREEAM and passive house in Enterprise Centre Norwich!

Interesting article “Enlightened thinking” was published in the CIBSE Journal December 2016 about one of Swegon Air Academy Building Case Study: Enterprise Center Norwich. Read the full article here (link…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

November 1, 2016

New Case Study: New single family house in Greenland!

A new Swegon Air Academy Building Case Study is a new single family house in Greenland! Recently, a brand new single family house in Sisimiut in Greenland was constructed as…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

October 27, 2016

Enterprise Centre! Thatching, low-carbon concrete, tenancy, turf!

Check out these videos about Enterprise Centre in Norwich, one of Swegon Air Academy Case Studies (link to more information here). The purpose of the building, which is targeting Passivhaus…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

October 24, 2016

New Case Study: Elithis Tower in Dijon in France!

Elithis Tower in Dijon in France A new Swegon Air Academy Building Case Study: Elithis Tower in Dijon in France was added to our extensive list of interesting buildings with…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

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October 10, 2016

Passive house school in Knivsta in Sweden!

Passive house school Högåsskolan in Knivsta in Sweden A new passive house school Högåsskolan was built in Knivsta, about 50 km from Stockholm in Sweden. The architect´s company designing the…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

October 6, 2016

Enterprise Centre in Norwich! BREEAM & passivehouse!

Enterprise Centre in Norwich is an commercial building aiming to achieve BREEAM Outstanding and passive house certifications designted by Architype. The total area is 3,400 m² and the floor-to-ceiling height…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

April 27, 2016

Elithis Tower! Interesting article about the most sober tower in the world!

The Elithis Tower in Dijon has been heralded as ’the most sober building in the world’. Even more striking than the building is its visionary builder, Thierry Bièvre. “Energy savings…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

March 17, 2016

New Case Study added! Future Active House in Norway!

A new Swegon Air Academy Case Study is a single family house in Stjørdal i Norway (link to the case study page) with footprint of 165 m2 built as a…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

February 8, 2016

Swegon Air Academy Case Study Engelsons in Falkenberg was updated with a new article about effects of different heat and cold generation scenario in DCV and VAV systems!

Engelsons in Falkenberg, built in 2009, is an office-retail building with VAV system with air and water. The building is used as offices, a warehouse and a store with packing…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova