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October 9, 2014

Presentation on Demand controlled ventilation: Case study on comfort and energy!

Download an excellent and interesting presentation on DCV system analyses in a case study building in Southern Sweden by Francesco Errico. The purpose of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is to keep the best indoor environmental conditions while employing as little energy as possible. The objectives of this research were to verify the […]...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

September 30, 2014

Two passive house centrums in Sweden!

Sweden is lucky to have many engineers dealing with design and building of a passive house. There exist two passive house centrums, Passivhuscentrum Västra Götaland in Ålingsås and Intressegrupp Passivhus…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

September 26, 2014

Seven new seminars in Sweden on topic of ventilation and health in Swedish schools!

Swegon Air Academy in association with Camfil with organize seven new seminars on topic of “Breathe right and calculate right at school”. The seminars will be held in Swedish language.…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

September 2, 2014

Book about development of multi-residential buildings in Sweden in 1880-2000!

Are you interested in multi-residential buildings? Would you like to get more information on the type of your building that you live in now? Do you want more technical information…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

June 19, 2014

Article published about SAA webinar in Finnish!

SAA webinar with David P. Wyon on effect of indoor air quality on children´s performance in schools has created an interest in Finland and an article was published in “Indoor…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

June 18, 2014

Bits and pieces about DCV!

Demand controlled ventilation (DCV) is one of the most systems used in the installations in Swedish buildings. Demand controlled ventilation (DCV) = ventilation based on the actual need – driven…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

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June 16, 2014

First SAA webinar was a success!

Swegon Air Academy opens a new way of sharing the knowledge by using a webinar format (webinarium or webb-seminarium in Swedish). And this very webinar had its own twist where…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

May 16, 2014

First WEBINAR in Swedish! Register now!

Swegon Air Academy arranges a technical webinar in cooperation with Swedish HVAC Society – Society of Energy and Environmental Technology (EMTF). You are welcome to participate&watch the webinar online or…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

March 18, 2014

Swegon Air Academy in Estonia: Part 4 – Types of mechanical ventilation systems in multi-residential and single-family houses

Marko Granroth, lecturer from KTH in Sweden, talked about various types of ventilation systems in residential buildings using extract and supply air system in a combination of air handling unit…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

March 11, 2014

“Don’t throw away the old standards if they proved to be working. Question all new standards if they work!”

This article is the third part of series about Swegon Air Academy seminar in Estonia and this article describes the nZEB application in Sweden and Marko Granroth´s experience with Swedish…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova

February 3, 2014

Swegon Air Academy in Estonia: Part 1 – Why to just build a passive house?

On November 22 in 2013 the Swegon Air Academy seminar on Modern and energy-saving concept in a small residential buildings took a place in Tallinn, Estonia. The first speaker was…...

AUTHOR: Petra Vladykova Bednarova